Social Program

Opening and farewell ceremonies will be organized. During the colloquium, a number of cultural tours will be organized, including to the archaeological sites of Ephesus (Selçuk/İzmir) and Agora-İzmir city.

Mid-Colloquium Social Trips

Ephesus Trip ( 3 October 2012 )

Trip Leaders: Cahit Helvacı, Ökmen Sümer, Barbara Horejs & Yücel Yılmaz

Tour Program

Stop 1: St. Jean Church/ Selçuk castle (Ayasuluk hill). A brief visit for panoramic view of Selçuk plain and Belevi gorge.

Stop 2: Artemision/ The story of sea-level change in early building phases at Artemision.

Stop 3 (Optional): Ephesos/ Silted-up ancient harbour of Ephesos, visit of the just recently discovered necropolis flanking the harbor canal.

Stop 4: Visit to Selçuk Museum.

Lunch Break

Stop 5: A visit to Çukuriçi Höyük (Neolithic Bronze Age settlement)

Stop 6 (Optional): Selçuk depression/A trip to the ancient Ephesian gulf, Syrie island (today Kurudağ), Akgöl, Gebekirse, and Kazan lakes.

Stop 7 (Optional): Pamucak/ Roman age human made silt deposits of ancient Ephesos harbour.

Stop 8 : Visit of the House of the Virgin Mary.

Stop 9 : Şirince. The village is surrounded by olive groves, peach orchards and vineyards. There has been a picturesque guest house called Şirince Evleri since 1990’s. Wine Houses and village markets are very famous.

Diner in the Şirince village

Fee : 150EUR (the price includes all entrance of the archaeological site, lunch, diner and transportation cost)

Smyrnaean (İzmir) Tour: Smyrna Agora and its Acropolis (Kadifekale) ( 3 October 2012 )

Trip Leaders: Akın Ersoy & Burak Yolaçan

Tour Program

Stop 1: Acropolis of Smyrna. Citadel on the Acropolis of Smyrna, city walls and cistern, Panoramic view of the modern city and Izmir bay (1 hour)

Stop 2: Agora of Smyrna. Visit to center of the ancient city, Agora. Basilica with the richest graffiti remains, bouleuterion (council building), Mosaic Hall used as a multi-purpose building and water channels will be visited.

Information about general archaeology and history of Smyrna, evidence about earthquakes in the city. (2,5 hours)

Fee : 30EUR (the price includes all entrance of the archaeological site, and transportation cost)



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